Shoplifters United


Shoplifters United bring to life the brilliant songs of legendary group The Smiths with their energetic live show and highly accurate sonic recreation of beloved album tracks and deep cuts.

Bizarre coincidence? Shoplifters United had their very first rehearsal on the same day in September of 2022 as the death of Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen was truly, and quite literally, dead and a humble Smiths tribute band was born. Shoplifters United are Pascal, Matt, Tommy, and James, a group of friends who share a love for the music of The Smiths. Great care has been taken to emulate the sound on those classic Smiths records down to every note and groove. Our hope is that when you go to a Shoplifters United show, you can close your eyes and imagine the year is 1984 and you are at The Ha├žienda in Manchester. Hope to see you soon!